NT-LED tube lights

Energy-efficient LED lighting for poultry houses 

Poultry that grow up with NT tube lamps have better quantity and quality of eggs and meat. Poultry evolve better, grow faster and stay healthier than poultry that grow up under traditional light sources. 

Chicken eyes see differently
from humans, the light humans see is part of the electromagnetic spectrum our eyes can perceive, also known as visible light. The spectral sensitivity and visible spectrum of chickens, or what they actually see is not the same as humans see. This is also the reason why chickens behave differently under the same intensity of light from two different light sources, even though the light sources look identical to humans. 

The efficient New Technology (NT) LED tube lights
ensure a perfect lighting concept in poultry houses. The high-quality LED tube lights are adapted to the barn conditions and the needs of the animals. The lighting differs depending on type of poultry farming . The LED tube light is available in different light colors depending on type of stable. The LED tube lights reduce power consumption around 70 percent and improve production if applied correctly.

Our Specialty

5W rechargeable tube light with a light spectrum of 508nm.
With this light you can do work in the barn during the dark phase, as this light spectrum is not perceptible for chickens.

Item No. 319002